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Ama Broni’s Mother Cries Uncontrollably As She Shares Last Moments With Her Daughter-Video

The biological mother of Ama Broni couldn’t keep down her tears while recounting a moment with her daughter in an interview with blogger Zionfelix.

The late Ama Broni who is accepted to be in her 20s met her inconvenient demise at the Budunburam Refugee Camp close to Kasoa during a street carnival in the territory when she mounted the stage to shake her unclad derriere.

Her enchantment pulled in certain folks who surged on her as they hassled her explicitly by stroking her ‘oranges’ while others embedded their fingers into her ‘TOTO.’

Ama Broni's mother

Reports say she was battling to escape from them when she wound up tumbling off the stage and arrived on the ground with her head down, which brought about her moment passing. Another rendition says she got shocked a second after she twerked in an offer to win the $100 prize label declared during the show.

Her mom in the midst of tears disclosed to Zionfelix that Ama was given cash by her dad to begin a business so she could live modestly and deal with her twin infants. Ama’s mom further unveiled how the young woman deserted the children and begged her to deal with them until additional notification.

Watch the video below…

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