Akrobeto Finally Reveals Who Actually Collapsed Kumawood

Akrobeto is one of the biggest Kumahood players who participated in more than 500 films Produced by Kumawood.

But a few years ago, Kumawood suddenly lost its touch and sank at once where everyone kept pointing fingers.

Now, Akrobeto is here to boldly deny the rumours circulating that Agyakoo’s absence from the Kumawood collapsed the industry.

For Mr Akwasi Boadi, the Dumsor Ghanaians experienced during the John Mahama led NDC administration collapsed Kumawood.

He also recounted how movies producer, Miracle Films, advised him not to take roles in movies that stared Agyakoo at the time.

According to him, Miracle Films’ advice was to help him to shine at the right time since he saw that being in the same movie with Agyakoo was not right.

He further attributed the collapse of the industry to the sudden emergence of Mexican Telenovelas that took over Ghanaian TV station spaces.

For Akrobeto, Mahama’s Dumsor Dumsor and the Mexican telenovela killed the Giant Kumawood and not Agyakoo’s disappearance.


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