Afia And Efia(Sister And Odo) EMBARRASS Themselves Once Again Over A Comment Of Abeiku Santana

Sista Afia and Efia Odo have revived their beef as they fight once again on twitter over a comment of Abeiku Santana.


Abeiku Santana speaking on United Showbiz yesterday claimed when Efia Odo came to Ghana for the first time, she was really shy.

Efia Odo while responding to that insinuated Abeiku Santana was lying or he might be referring to Sista Afia and not her.

Sista Afia who has warned Efia Odo to keep her name out of her mouth jumped on the issue asking her once again not to write her name in her posts.

The two then rekindled their beef which we all thought they had ended a long time ago ruining insults on themselves on twitter