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Abigail Mawutor Rawlings: Biography, Age, Hometown, Everything You Need To Know About JJ Rawlings’ Alleged 1st Daughter

In this Post, Fillabase.com shares with you, Abigail Mawutor Rawlings – biography, age, hometown, education, everything you need to know about Rawlings’s alleged 1st Daughter.

Abigail Rawlings Mawutor is claiming to be the first daughter of the late former President Jerry John Rawlings.

Abigail Mawutor who shares some striking resemblance with the former President disclosed in an exclusive interview with SVTV Africa monitored by this portal that she is the daughter of Ghana’s former President who sadly died in November last year.

Earlier today, 26th January 2021, Abigail was prevented by personnel of the Ghana Police Service and the Military from gaining access to the foyer where the mortal remains of the former President have been laid in state for public viewing.

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With so much agitation, Abigail Rawlings resisted the attempts to restrict from viewing the body of the man he claims to be his father.

She shouted on top of her voice and created a dramatic scene.

Her persistence and incessant demand to go view the body fell on the deaf ears of the security personnel at post who did not allow her entry.

However, the family of the Former President have come out to clear the air on the alleged daughter. READ IT HERE.

Below are some new details about the lady claiming to be the first daughter of former President Rawlings.

We have captured Abigail Mawutor Rawlings – biography, age, hometown, education, everything you need to know about Rawlings’s alleged 1st Daughter.

Abigail Mawutor Rawlings Early life

The story goes that in 1967, Rawlings in his final year of secondary school, aged 20 then, allegedly impregnated Rose Agbodzi Sende, an Ewe in Accra but originally from Togo.

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The young Rawlings allegedly pleaded with Rose to keep the pregnancy secret because his future was at stake, to which Rose agreed.

In March 1968, Abigail was born to a single mother, the same year Rawlings, 21, was settling down as an Airforce Cadet.

Mawutor Rawlings grew up with an old lady at Adabraka knowing she had only a mother.

Abigail Mawutor Rawlings Age

Abigail Mawutor Rawlings is 52 years old, according what she stated in the interviews she granted the media.

Jerry John Rawlings
Late Jerry John Rawlings

Abigail Mawutor Rawlings Education

She attended St Joseph Primary School in Adabraka, Accra

The alleged truth

Abigail confronted her mother about who her father was and was told about what happened in 1967 and how she was conceived Video of how late Rawlings was brought into AICC amid military guard pops up

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Abigail started looking for Rawlings after her mother’s confession and found her way to Rawlings’s family home in 2002.

According to Abigail, there were times that Rawlings sent her money for up-keep and later sent her a lump sum to start a business.

At the funeral of Rawlings’s mother, family members of the former president wanted to formally introduce his ‘daughter’ to him but Abigail stopped them.

Abigail Mawutor Rawlings said the first time she spoke about her dad was on a radio interview at Atinka FM.

She added that she wrote a letter to Daily Graphic for publication but they requested a paternity test to verify her claims.


Abigail Mawutor Rawlings claims she only wants to be accepted by the other children of JJ Rawlings and was not doing this for any kind of monetary gratuity.

In a more related development, another woman called Kate Yeboah has popped up, also claiming she is the daughter of the late President.

CLICK HERE for all the details on Kate Yeboah who is also claiming to be Jerry John’s daughter.


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