‘A Married Man Used Promise Of An IPhone To Chop My Girlfriend’ Man Cries

A man is in tears after a fellow married man used the promise of an iPhone to chop her.

In a message to relationship coach Joro Olumofin, he noted that he’s feeling bad that as a man, he couldn’t buy the phone for her girl.

But it pains him that the man even after chopping his lady didn’t even buy the phone for her. He went ahead to block her on top.

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Read his message below:

Dem use promise of iPhone knack my babe
Good morning Joro I’m in pains I swear. Serious pains, I’m software developer here in Abuja and I have a babe have been dating for 8 months.

Info come to me, or I come into some info that a married guy promise my babe iPhone X in December last year. Promise o. She went to see him 2 times and he knack her.

She carry her leg go him place What pains me is that he blocked her after and she did not even get the phone.

I feel ashamed of my babe I swear on Sango no cap How dem go use promise knack. What pains me is the promise I swear I feel like she is second hand

I told her on 2nd about the message. She begin cry On my own end I feel bad as a man I can’t provide the iPhone.

But bro iPhone Na all the same only camera is different E pain me. She come talk say the guy wear CD.

That very day she carry her 2 leg go him place I call her she no pick. E Possible say as my call dey ring she dey collect D God dey I go manage her till god provide better gf E pain me He come block her. She come talk say she move. Na him Move chop clean mouth E pain me.


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